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                 Spa Chemicals 101

The most commonly used system to care for your spa has been spa chemicals.  These are used in conjuction with either Bromine or Chlorine.  Because it can be confusing as to what to use and when, we have written up an easier to follow instructional below.




  • METAL GON: Pour in the whole bottle each time you fill up your spa with new water. Drain and fill about every 3 - 6 months. (Keeps metal parts in spa from rusting and deteriorating.)
  • BROMINE FLOATER: The floater needs to be filled up with tablets and set to the guessed bather load (number of slots opened on floater). We recommend starting with all slots open. Then throw the floater into the spa and allow it to float around continuously. Helps maintain the bromine level. After bromine level is achieved, close floater till six slots are open (usually takes two to three days to reach desired level).
  • BROMINE TABLETS: are used to keep the spa clean and free of contaminates. Keep the blue floater full of tablets and in your spa.
  • DEFENDER: is a hard water inhibitor and keeps the calcium etc…from building up on the walls of the plumbing and spa. Add 2oz. at fill up and 1oz. per week there after.
  • SPA UP & DOWN: keep the water pH balanced. pH should be around 7.5. Spa Down lowers the pH and Spa Up raises the pH. Test strips will give current pH & Bromine levels.
  • TEST STRIPS: Take one strip and dip it about one foot deep in the spa water then make three circles with it still in the water. Pull it out and compare the colors on the test strip with the color chart on the bottle. Make necessary adjustments to your bromine and pH with the chemicals as needed. If pH is high, use Spa Down. If pH is low, use Spa Up. If it needs bromine, open the floater a little more. If it has too much bromine, close the floater a little.
  • WATER CLARITY: If you can’t see the bottom of your spa, first make sure that your filters are clean. (If dirty, spray off with hose). Second, increase your filter cycle to maximum (see owners manual). If after two or three days it still isn’t clear, you can use a water clarifier, I.E> Bright & Clear, Sea Klear, Scum Gon, etc. Follow the direction on the bottle.
  • SHOCK: Once a week, put in one capful of shock (RENEW) for optimum spa and chemical performance. (After heavy use, put in an additional capful). Run spa with cover off for one hour.

If you have any questions regarding your chemicals for you spa, please feel free to call Deck-it at (208) 528-9090 and we will be happy to assist you.

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