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                 Hot Tub Do's & Don'ts

Each time we deliver and set up a spa, we have given suggestions to the new spa owners about things to do or not do with the use/care/maintanance of their new spa.  Our list of suggestions has been added to over the years, as we ourselves, as well as customers, have experiences that teach us lessons of what to do or not to do with our spas.  We were asked not long ago to make a list ... so here you go.  Use them on your own spa if you find them helpful.   If you have any suggestions, as a spa owner, that you would like to share with us, please email us, we would love to hear them and share them with our spa owners.  



Another reminder NOT to put/leave items on your hot tub cover. At first we thought that someone had sat on the edge of our cover... nope (and even then, it would never have done anything even close to this). It was like someone had taken a spoon & dug out 2" of the foam. It felt like rocks down into the foam through the vinyl. In 20 years of having a spa I have never seen this. A plastic rubber-made container & the hot sun are to blame. The heat of the sun, radiating through the plastic, actually melted the foam. Much like a magnifying glass. Sadly, it was once again placed on the cover 2 evenings 11am the next morning, when it was found, a new hole was created. 

Hot tub cover NO NO's:

1. NEVER set plastic containers (or items that can radiate heat) on your cover.
2. If buckling your cover, be sure to buckle all 4 buckles...leaving one undone could potentially lead to the other 3 being broken in the wind. 

3. If you own a cover-lifter, be sure to unbuckle all the buckles.  Leaving the back 2 buckles latched when opening the cover/lifter...could actually break the buckle on the strap or the hot tub skirting.  If could even brake the skirting on the spa as well.
4. If one of your buckles is broken, be careful in choosing what you use to weight the cover down till you can get it replaced. Refrain from using anything with sharp an upside down wooden picnic bench. When the wind accidentally blows the other side of the cover over (because that side didn't get buckled), it can poke a 4" x 2" hole clean through the vinyl & the foam & push it all out the other side of the cover. (yes, this actually happened to a customer). Anything with sharp edges can potentially tear a hole in your vinyl. 
5. Try to keep larger animals (and of course, kids) off or from sleeping on your cover. Not only will it potentially cause the foam to break, but it will cause the cover to sag and as rain or snow puddle where it sags...which will also eventually cause it to break.

6.  Don't use a metal snow shovel to remove the snow off of your cover.  Even a plastic shovel can cause damage to your cover.  As careful as you think you are, even the smallest defect in the plastic edges of your snowshovel can scrape or cut your vinyl.  The most effective/safe thing to use to remove the snow is a large garage push broom. 

Hot tub cover TO DO's:

1. If you notice that your cover has begun to sag & retain water....simply unzip the cover in the middle, remover the side of foam that is sagging, flip it over, and slide it back in (taking care not to tear the sealed plastic covering the foam). The cover will now bow instead of sag, the water will run off, and you will get a longer life out of your cover.
2. While the foam is out of the cover, check over the plastic & it's seal to see if there are any cracks or tares. If there are, clean the plastic, and using heavy packing tape, seal it up again. (Rounding the tapes corners before putting it on the plastic will also prevent it from pealing back.) This will prevent any additional moisture from penetrating the foam, making it heavy. Why does the plastic crack? As chemicals are used in your spa, the plastic becomes brittle eventually causing it to crack. Using a natural enzyme, such as WatersChoice, will greatly slow the affects of cover, jet, equipment, & pillow damage as it replaces the need of so many chemicals.
3. Protecting your vinyl with a moisturizer product, such as 303 Protectant, will help keep the damaging rays from drying out your vinyl. Though most vinyls have built-in UV inhibitors, it is also beneficial to use a moisturizing product which will also help repel the dirt and make it look nice.

 4. Keep the snow off of your cover in the winter (and summer, if you live in Idaho - haha).  Snow, left on your cover, can cause your cover to sag over time because of the weight.  Additionally, warmth from the spa or sunshine can cause the snow to begin to melt, and then refreeze over night, making it even harder to remove.  It can freeze it so hard that it becomes difficult to remove the ice without scratching or tearing the vinyl.  And whatever you do...DO NOT use an ice pick to break up the ice on the does break up the ice so you can remove it...but it will also leave you with hundreds of holes.



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