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      NEW SPAS IN STOCK NOW & more on the way.  Call us TODAY!          ALL Spas at SHOW PRICING - Deckit Spas, llc  208-528-9090                      Serving SE Idaho, Utah, & Wyoming since 1994

                Traditional Saunas

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  Complete Modular Saunas

Deckit, along with Scandia Mfg, is committed to meeting our customers varied and individual sauna needs. We understand remodeling an existing structure is not always the best answer to the need for a quality sauna bath. Scandia's complete modular sauna kit is a free standing structure that can be located in almost any room or covered space. Each modular sauna kit is built using 2 x 6 tongue in groove clear western red cedar cut to specification. Each kit comes complete with only the best commercial quality materials and components.



      Complete Pre-Cut Kits

Whether it is for new construction, or an existing room (or even an unused closet), Deckit is committed to making your sauna kit purchase and construction easy. A quality sauna originates from the quality of materials and the sauna heater. You will find Scandia saunas in YMCA’s, Gold’s Gyms, Powerhouse Gyms and Bally’s Total Fitness. Each Scandia pre-cut or custom sauna is built with full-length clear Western Red Cedar. Each kit comes complete and cut to specifications with only the best commercial quality materials and components.


            Sauna Heaters

The Ultra Sauna heater is the industry's only line of convection air-flow sauna heaters. By achieving greater air-flow, the heater can heat the room more rapidly and extend the life of the heater elements. The Ultra Sauna heater features a unique element chamber design that promotes air flow around the heating elements capitalizing on thermodynamics to bring the sauna to temperature quickly and efficiently.  In traditional sauna heaters, where the elements are grouped together in the chamber, the elements radiate heat against each other forcing the elements to work at a higher temperature and for longer periods of time.  Heater features:


  • 100% Stainless Steel Construction

  • most compact design available

  • electric or gas fired models available

  • simple efficient installation


         Sauna Accessories

We have a full range of sauna accessories available for your sauna.  Most accessories can be used in any existing sauna. Call Deckit today to order accessories for your sauna.

  • Heater guards
  • Benches
  • Towel holders
  • Door handles
  • Timers
  • Controls
  • Back/Head rest
  • Elements
  • High density sauna rocks
  • Thermostats
  • Sauna Lights
  • Custom sauna doors
  • Thermometer/Hydrometer
  • Buckets
  • Ladles
  • Signage


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