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      NEW SPAS IN STOCK NOW & more on the way.  Call us TODAY!          ALL Spas at SHOW PRICING - Deckit Spas, llc  208-528-9090                      Serving SE Idaho, Utah, & Wyoming since 1994

  My order is placed:  What do I do next?

Once your spa, sauna, or gazebo is ordered...what do you need to do next? 


If electrical is required, time to find an electrician.  Deckit Spas has worked with several qualified electricians up and down the valley.  If you don't already have an electrician in mind, feel free to contact Deckit for some recommendations.  For most spas, a 50amp GFCI protected braker and disconnect box, with 6/3 wire will be needed. (6 gage wire with 2 hot, 1 neutral, and 1 ground).


Do you have your spot ready for delivery?  There are many different areas one can place a spa...on a deck, making sure of course it can handle the weight, or on an existing concrete or brick type patio.  Make sure that the pad is "flat".  Though you would prefer to have a level pad...a slight slope is ok.  You can also build a frame out of treated lumber to be placed on the ground, add in a couple of treated boards as cross members to give it a sturdy solid base, and filled with gravel. (Make sure that the grass is removed prior to securing the frame).  Contact Deckit Spas for the specs of your spa.


Getting your spa/gazebo/sauna into it's ideal spot can sometimes require special equipment.  Be sure to let Deckit know of any obsticles that might require special consideration prior to your delivery.


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